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Modern wireless systems deliver massive amounts of performance data; however, there is always a need to measure the performance of the network in the field. Network testing is essential to guarantee that new application roll-outs and upgrades work first time, without disrupting users and customers. It’s also critical when migrating applications into the cloud or designing new networks. Testing provides you with a complete understanding of the capacity and operational conditions of the network that you are responsible for. The whole process requires a comprehensive strategy and the right combination of tools and skills to guarantee network performance. Network monitoring is the only way you can stop user downtime, as you need to know exactly what’s happening on your network, before it happens! Proactive monitoring also provides you with visibility that you need to quickly establish the root cause of common problems, so they can be fixed. It’s also essential if you want to plan effectively for future capacity and usage requirements.

CW & Coverage Testing

Site Parameter Optimization

  • Statistical Analysis
  • Frequency / Neighbor Planning
  • Voice / Data Capacity Dimensioning
  • Inconsistency / Discrepancy Analysis
  • Parameter Audits and Tuning
  • Improving Network Performance/KPI
  • Feature Evaluation and Implementation
  • Network Monitoring During Re-home, Re-tune, Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting of Customer Complaints
  • Interference Analysis
  • Pre-Launch and Post-Launch Optimization
  • Customized Tools and Solutions

Sector / Cluster / System Testing

Competitive Analysis / Benchmarking

Optimization Drive testing / data collection / post processing

3G/4G/LTE Data Testing & Analysis & Recommendation