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Today, wireline network operators search for advanced turnkey network solutions to enhance service creation and delivery, accelerate time-to-market of new services and optimize the cost of ownership. When it comes to designing and implementing new systems, operators demand a successful deployment in terms of completion time, cost and quality. In particularly, they expect a smooth installation and a successful delivery of new functionality that by no means disrupts the running of network operations. With a vast expertise resource pool with in-depth understanding of the most recent technologies, Trignotek Systems Private Limited has the capabilities to build scale able, available and flexible converged telecom infrastructures aiming at edge services delivery. Each deployment project is assigned a dedicated network roll out team of suitably-qualified and highly-experienced engineers. This team is responsible to provide a wide range of design & implementation services. The objective is to realize a network solution that will meet the customer's expectations for milestones and performance.

GSM, UMTS & WCDMA Hardware Installations & Commissioning

  • Core Network/MSC/HLR/BSC Equipment
  • Media Gateways and Billing Hardware
  • Microwave Transmission Links & BTS Equipment
  • Power Systems & PDUs
  • Antenna Systems for GSM Networks
  • Node B and Antenna Systems for 3G & WCDMA Networks.

GSM Equipment Installation & Commissioning

  • Antenna assembling /polarization, positioning and installation
  • Tilt angles and azimuth alignment.
  • Feeder cable connecting and installations
  • Labeling feeder cables, antennas according to sectors.
  • Grounding feeder cables and IF cable
  • BTS Installation and Power supplies
  • VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ration) Sweeps using Site Master
  • Equipment Parameter Setting, Configuration and Commissioning

Node B Installation (UMTS & WCDMA)

  • Antenna assembly & labeling
  • Tilt angles and Azimuth Alignment
  • Node B rack assembly
  • BBU, DDF and DCDU Installation
  • RRU Installation
  • Installation of power cables of RRUs
  • Installation of fiber cables from BBU to RRU
  • Labeling of fiber cables and Power cables
  • Connecting power from rectifier to all sectors Node B
  • Configuration and Commissioning

Microwave Transmission Equipment Installation

  • Microwave antenna assembly
  • ODU assembling, polarization setting and Installation
  • Rack installation, positioning and grounding
  • Grounding of IF cable and Microwave antennas.
  • Connector and IF cable testing
  • Radio Installation, power-up, configuration and Link Alignment
  • STM-1, E3, E1 Testing and Commissioning (BER Testing)

Optical Transmission Equipment (OSN) Installation

  • OSN 3500 rack assembly
  • Power Connection to DCDU Installation
  • ODF Installation
  • Installation of Optical fiber cables from OSN to ODF
  • Labeling of fiber cables and Power cables
  • Equipment power-up and testing
  • Installations of E1s, labeling & testing