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Trignotek Systems Private Limited was founded to be one of the leading service providers of installation, commissioning and maintenance solutions for companies involved in the communications infrastructure market. The company supplies major OEMs, Network and Mobile operators and equipment vendors with a complete range of resource and telecoms turnkey solutions, including building maintenance and facilities management. Working in partnership with leading industry names to deliver a full range of technical solutions, to the highest quality standards required by the industry. New technologies mean new and evolving requirements and challenges. Trignotek Systems Private Limited work with our clients to innovate new ways of project delivery and performing value-added services for our customers. Our unique selling propositions stand for something specific, and it becomes what we are known for. Our personalized service packages for customers leverage no hard and fast rules which are well accepted. Trignotek Systems Private Limited's services range from network inspection to vendor management understanding very well that a well-maintained network will require less corrective maintenance and will be easier and more reliable to operate. At Trignotek Systems Private Limited, we believe consulting is all about finding ways to make business more effective and efficient - about giving a source of competitive advantage. Trignotek Systems Private Limited focus on business needs of our customer and provide solutions based on industry specific innovative solutions.